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Parrucchieri Chat : There are thousands of chat rooms and blogs produced by hairdressers and not to tell their experience and compare it with that of others. Thanks to ò chat you can interact with the world having shared the same passion for hair and everything we ò that concerns them. On the site you can ò say its connected in real time with other users in the chat. This section à of all possible methods to cure parler your hair, you will also find many hints and tips also to dye your hair or achieve lighter, I mean everything and pi ù. If you\'re constantly looking for information and tips that can help you work better, reach concrete targets and therefore doing Business in your beauty parlor, well then you\'ve come to the right place.

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Parrucchieri Chat - Hairdressers hair health care in the salons of beauty and aesthetics, with hair style for fashion photos and sales of hair-hair care products.

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28 Oct 16


   Pelsynera Pelsynera Pelsynera Pelsynera

HAIR: Pelsynera - Espana
Collection: Noir


28 Oct 16


Are you ready for SALON LOOK ?
MADRID - 5-7 November 2016

SALÓN LOOK MADRID is an outstanding meeting point for the beauty, image and comprehensive aesthetics sector in Spain. In its last edition the event saw the participation of 381 exhibitors and more than 1,200 national and international brands. This unique event for the image and aesthetics sector offered 10,750 sq.m. of innovative proposals and surprises, receiving visits from 61,163 national and international professionals from Brazil, the USA, Italy and Portugal, among others.


27 Oct 16

ys park


Inviaci una tua foto (in alta risoluzione) e la pubblicheremo gratuitamente su BEAUTY BAZAR 2017, che tutti chiamano "la Bibbia globale dell'Hairstyling".

Beauty Bazar


BEAUTY BAZAR da 36 anni è la pubblicazione annuale di oltre 600 pagine che contiene la descrizione (con foto) dei migliori prodotti, accessori e arredamenti per parrucchieri ed estetica, completi degli indirizzi di tutti i grandi operatori del settore.

RUBRICHE: Moda-capelli (300 foto) - Estetica (viso e corpo) - Prodotti Uomo - Colorazione (tinture a ossidazione) - Tono su Tono (shampoos color, colori diretti, riflessi duraturi) - Decoloranti e Schiarenti - Ossidanti e Sviluppatori del Colore - Permanenti e Stiranti - Trattamenti e Cure - Gel e Finish - Prodotti e formati Speciali - Accessori e Attrezzature - Arredamento e Design - Indirizzi e Contatti delle Aziende - Indirizzi e Contatti dei migliori Distributori/Grossisti italiani.

27 Oct 16

Mahogany Creative Team

Mahogany Creative Team Mahogany Creative Team Mahogany Creative Team

"Remaining absolute to the Mahogany Hairdressing philosophy, this year's collection draws inspiration from Gustav Klimt and Alphonse Mucha, pioneers of the Art Nouveau movement. Taking influence from the organic and free flowing lines so prevalent throughout the movement and the prominent use of 'whiplash 'curves, influence taken from Japanese art of the time.

With Art Nouveau being the forerunner to the Art Deco movement, Mahogany also gives a bow to the latter by referencing the use of geometric shapes, squares and triangles.

A multihued canvas uses gradient shades seen in butterscotch and champagne to damson and vintage cyan, with technique drawn in graphic geometry with curvilinear elements"
Colin Greaney, International Creative Director.

HAIR: Mahogany Creative Team, London & Oxford - UK
Collection: KookyWaifs
Ph: Nessi
Make-up: Marco Antonio
Clothes Styling: Chloe Holland


26 Oct 16

Antonio Bellver Antonio Bellver Antonio Bellver

Antonio Bellver Antonio Bellver Antonio Bellver

Cabello, maquillaje e incluso la modelo se convierte en un cadáver exquisito haciendo referencia al juego poético impulsado por los artistas y escritores surrealistas en 1925.

HAIR: Antonio Bellver - Mexico
Collection: Cadavre Exquisit
Ph: Alfredo Cordero
Make-up: Marien Vera
Model: Maia Cabral
Body-paint.: Peteykivka por Miguel R.


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